Safety & Emission

Safety Emission

To comply with Ontario Drive Clean, our location is equipped with the latest computer-based emission testing technology, we can perform both emission test and repair. Our mechanics are certified professionals to perform in depth analysis for accurate results.
You can find us listed on here, just enter our postal code on the page search: M3J 2A4
In 2013, Drive Clean began using computer-based testing technology on most light-duty vehicles. The new test is faster, more accurate and better at identifying polluting vehicles than the old tailpipe test. The test will result in more effective repairs and greater reductions in smog-causing emissions.
Here are the responsibilities for both parties (owners and sellers) stated by Ontario government.
Owners’ responsibilities
Under Drive Clean, your vehicle must have an emissions test to renew your registration and licence plates. If your vehicle needs a test, you will be notified by the Ministry of Transportation in the registration renewal documents.
Sellers’ responsibilities
As a consumer-protection measure, an emissions test is also required when buying or selling used vehicles with a model year older than the current calendar year. This helps ensure that consumers do not purchase a used vehicle with emissions problems.